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2016 Halfway through already

It's been a busy year so far and time is flying, with not enough hours in the day but hopefully we're still managing to meet our customers needs in a timely and efficient manner.

There has been an influx of leaded window repairs, greenhouse glass and conservatory double glazed units to replace, along with uPVC frames.

We have also found ourselves having to come to the rescue of local residents, and repairing broken windows / doors following a recent increase in break ins, which is unfortunate and never pleasant under the circumstances.

On a lighter note we had the recent privilege of being able to work at Henry Royce's (of Rolls Royce fame) house. A beautiful property and very rewarding.

Coming up is a big farm job, installing all new hardwood frames. Some bay window frames, a whole house of new uPVC windows and doors... Plenty to keep us going over the coming weeks/months.

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